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SSL stands for “Secure Socket Layer”. It is a Web Security Protocol that provides an encrypted connection between Web Server and Web Browser. Any Online Transaction enabled website required SSL Certificate. Without SSL, an online payment gateway does not work. SSL Enabled websites show a security icon on web browsers. It builds trust among website users. They feel secure while visiting your website. If you install SSL on your website, it loads over HTTPS. STTPS means Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure. As per Google Ranking Algorithm Updates, SSL is a strong SEO ranking factor. SSL enabled websites to rank on Search Engine rapidly. Trust BD IT is the Best SSL Certificate Provider in Bangladesh since 2012. We provide SSL Certificates at a Cheap Price in Bangladesh.

Why did SSL Certificate Require For Websites?

1. Enhance Web Security

SSL certificates enhance web security while browsing. If you do not buy and install an SSL certificate on your website, it shows a “Not Secure” message on the browser. Most of the visitors then click on the close button without visiting your website. They feel insecure to visit your website. So, you lost your potential customers. That’s why you must install and validate the SSL certificate on your website to ensure safe browsing. We are providing the best SSL certificate in Bangladesh at a cheap price.

2. Secure Online Payment

If you have an eCommerce website or your website is allowed to receive the online transaction. SSL is a must for your website. For activating the online payment module on the website, everyone should comply with the PCI-DSS Guidelines. PCI-DSS stands for “Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard”. Every payment Gateway provider asks for installing SSL before activating the payment module on the website. The concerned Bank may not approve your online payment process without SSL.

3. Better SEO Ranking

Installing an SSL certificate on your website is a strong SEO signal. In 2018 Google announced to set up SSL is mandatory for every website. That is because google ensures the visitor a safe browsing experience. Without SSL your website can not be ranked on Google’s 1st page. So, to grab organic traffic from google you must install an SSL certificate on your website. It can be assumed that Google may not index the websites without an SSL Certificate anymore in the near future.

4. Build Customer Trust

The customer always wants to visit a secured website. In case of providing login, credentials users Look for their privacy of providing. If your website shows not secure on the browser, visitors will no longer stay on your website. If your customer use paid antivirus on their device, an additional security warning show on their screen and insists them to access is the increased mode. Most of the visitors feel unsafe and close their windows. So, to build trust among your customer, you must set up SSL on your website.

5. Prevent Website Hacking

When a visitor browses a website, the data is transferred from the server to the respective web browser. Also, your provided data was transferred to the webserver. If the website is not SSL enabled, the provided user name & the password can be hacked by third-party hackers. As SSL is end-to-end encrypted, so, there is no chance to get hacked your personal information. Sometimes hackers may hack your entire website and redirect you to any phishing site. This may cause a drop in SEO ranking as well as website reputation.

6. Increase the Website Speed

Web speed is a vital consideration in SEO ranking factors. If your website loading time is higher than recommended, the user experience will be hampered. The visitor will no longer come back to your site again. Installing the SSL, to slow down the website is a myth now. SSL speeds up the website performance. In SSL enabled website data are transferred through a single protocol, so the Loading time is faster than on a non-SSL website. As the web speed increases, the website performs better in SEO ranking.

7. Provide Authentication

SSL certificates are issued by an International Authority named Certificate Authorities abbreviated as CA. They thoroughly investigate the domain ownership and Organizational reputation before issuing any security certificates. Thy tray to prevent the fraudulent activities of unauthorized websites. People may Lose their money by paying through an unauthentic website. CA provide the Authentication of the website for the secure online transaction. Thus, customers can purchase products by paying online securely. We are the Best SSL Certificate Provider in Bangladesh with an unbeatable price.

8. Increase Data Privacy

All the website does not take payment through the website. Some websites collect customers’ information such as Name, Email Addresses, Phone Numbers, etc. They collect it through  Web-based Forms or landing. They use those leads to set up their marketing strategy. Sometimes your provided information can be stolen by third-party scammers. As an SSL-enabled website is end-to-end encrypted. There is no possibility to leak your provided information to anyone. So, installing an SSL certificate on your website is worth it.